Karmadale After Blog:
How Blogging Improved My Life
and My Community

Update: 05/30/13

What is a B(l)ook?
A b(l)ook is a book based on a blog (which is short for weblog, a chronological web publishing format). A blook can be published in print and electronic formats.

After Blog is based on the Carbondaley Dispatch blog, published from 2002 to the present. Only the first two pages of each chapter will be printed in the paper edition, including one photograph. Also included inside the paperbound cover, a compact disc containing the complete text of every chapter, plus hundreds of color images, audio and video files and web-based content.

The e-blook format increases the novelty, readability, and accessibility of information, while simultaneously reducing printing costs (and cover price) of the finished product.

Read the Wikipedia definition of 'blook'

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